Staci to Wendy:
I wouldn't have gone ahead toward healing if it weren't for you. All the times I would start to go ahead and then have a bad day, I'd quit. I felt like a failure for feeling.

Wendy to Staci:
Feeling is not failing. Faking is failing.


What is bohemian forgiveness?


a person who has informal and unconventional habits


the act or process of forgiving


bohemian forgiveness

a free-spirited and unconventional path to forgiving what you'll never forget no matter how many times you write his/her name on a post card and throw it in a bon fire.

If you can relate to three or more of the following statments we are destined to be BFF's (bohemian forgiveness friends).  

  1. If I had a dollar for every time I tried and failed to forgive I could pay for everyone's therapy. I could pay for everyone's dog's therapy.
  2. I re-read books, re-take classes, love me some Jesus, and I still imagine him/her being chased by a bear.
  3. Frozen drinks that contain alchohol do not make me a more forgiving person no matter how relaxed I feel. (This can double as a daily affirmation.)
  4. I get it . . . I'm a princess. I love the tiara you gave me. Now I'm a princess with a tiara who struggles to forgive.
  5. I love my pastor. I love his sermons. But when it comes to the topic of forgiveness my broken heart beats to the sound of a different drum. Now what?

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Professional Feedback for the Bohemian Bible Study Format (pending)

In 2016 Wendy Redroad hit the highways and byways to test the fit and relevancy of her bohemian message of forgiveness. The felt-need for this free-spirited and yet practical resource was confirmed. 

A gazillion thanks to the following organizations for their willingness to participate and offer feedback on this much needed resource.


  • Valiant Hearts
    Provides monthly outreach and weekly group support for women impacted through the sex industry, past or present. 
    Dates: April 12 - July 19, 2016 and September 9, 2016


"Our go-to girl on the topic of forgiveness, Wendy shares a powerful journey intertwining healing and forgiveness for women who've suffered all manner of abuse. She is relatable, compassionate, and biblically sound in her approach as she takes women by the hand and gently walks them through their own journey of healing and freedom."

--Carrie Gurley, Executive Director, Valiant Hearts


The Gatehouse is a 61-acre supportive living community where women in crisis receive safe refuge, ample time, practical resources and healthy relationships to discover new paths for permanent and positive change.

Dates: January 14- February 25, 2016

"Wendy, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this material . . . and with you, the creator of this amazing work! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"

--Deborah Lyons, MS Psy
Executive Director, The Gatehouse at Grapevine
Founder, of Independent Life Program

Hilltop Recovery, a faith-based ministry, utilizes the 12-step program to aid women in crisis through personal plan development, support groups, and transitional housing for women who need additional support as they prepare for independent sober living.

Class: weekly support group facilitated by Amy Carter, staff member

"Strong. Solid. Encouraging. Empowering. REAL. Thank you, Wendy!"


  • Independent peer-support group study

Dates: 12 weeks (2016)

"Hallelujah! We've finally found a teaching were someone genuinely gets that all forgiveness is not a cookie-cutter  approach, and one size does not fit all. We trust this girl"

Rhonda, [Focus group leader]

  • Women's Prison Ministry: The Murray Unit, Gatesville, TX

Taught by Wendy Redroad, a TDCJ Approved Volunteer

"In nine years of prison ministry I've become acutely aware that the main issue the majority of inmates struggle with is forgiveness--for themselves and others. Wendy's message unlocks the mystery of how to forgive what you'll never forget and provides the guidance to do it. Her message opened their eyes to new ways of understanding and approaching forgiveness."

--Donna Criswell, Prison Ministry Director, Chapel of Hope 


Wendy was interviewed on the topic of forgiveness followed by Q & A
time with leaders to discuss the challenges they face with women
who struggle to forgive due to abuse/betrayal.