Bohemian Forgiveness: what other women have to say

Faith [Support Group Participant]

"Wendy's message reached down into my soul and gave my thoughts and feelings words."


Laini [Support Group Participant]

"Everyone has need of forgiveness. Previously I dealt with my wounds by ignoring them . . .  pretended they didn't exist. I heard all the same lessons most people hear in church--how if you don't forgive others you will not be forgiven. (And all that it implies.) What I learned from Wendy is how to look beneath my emotional wounds to see the core lie behind them and how to give it to Jesus. When the wound heals the same insults will be given to you but they will no longer have the same effect. I recommend this class to all women who've struggled to forgive. It's Bible-based. It's a few weeks of your life. And it will change you forever."


Rhonda [Independent Group Study Participant]

"I've been a Christian for a little over seven years, and I'd never experienced any type of healing from the past abuse. I was in a really bad place when I agreed to go through Wendy's Bible application. My heart was broken. I was scared. I didn't know where Jesus would take me. I didn't have a support group to turn to. But I knew I'd get to the other side if I would allow myself to feel everything I needed to feel. In church, I always felt like I was doing something wrong for feeling rage.

Wendy's teaching freed me to express the pain and anger and hurt that was bottled up in the deepest place of my heart . . . It was a real turning point. I was finally able to release what had been trapped inside for so long. God showed up every single day. He comforted me. Even when I was crying and screaming and acting like a lunatic. God held me. 

He gave me my voice back. Wendy gave me my voice the day she put her Bible application in my hands. God used her to help me on this journey. It's been a long, hard road. But felt she was with me every step of the way, holding my hand, whispering to me that I'm strong. I'm not alone.

I can breathe today. God gave Wendy a key to open the door for me. And I love her for this."


Faith, [Support Group Participant] 

"God can handle my freak-out! I can cry, scream, swear, all the while smoking a cigarette, and He won't leave me. He's not angry! He's not disappointed in me! He is grieving for and with me. He is angry about what's happened to me, and He will avenge me. We can't always give forgiveness right away. In the beginning it's about constantly yielding our pain up to Him. [It's] cyclical. At some point we are filled enough to give forgiveness away. 

What Wendy wrote reached down into my soul and gave my thoughts and feelings words."


L [Support Group Participant]

"My parents abused me verbally, physically, sexually, and psychologically. The first time I confessed to my Bible study group that I hated my dad they prayed God would help me to forgive [him]. What I needed was healing in my heart. I wish they'd prayed for my healing. 

Validation and comfort were my greatest needs. A shoulder to cry on with someone who wouldn't criticize me for my inability to forgive . . . Wendy's class helped me to  understand why I struggled to move forward."