"Wendy has discovered the way to healing and forgiveness after abuse and betrayal. A gifted writer and speaker, she offers hope to those who've been betrayed by people they loved and trusted. Wendy is living proof that there is indeed life after abuse, and freedom from a life bound by fear, confusion, and depression."

Linda Godsey [Associate Pastor, Freedom Ministries] Gateway Church, Southlake, TX

"Insurances companies and hurting believers take notice . . . Wendy's message on forgiveness offers more healing than what you'd receive in a hospital stay."

--Ron Hall [New York Times Best Selling Author] Same Kind of Different As Me


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Bohemian Forgiveness: Five Unconventional Paths to Forgiving What You'll Never Forget, pours free-spirited insight into conventional methods of forgiveness. With true grit, Wendy Redroad offers an innovative approach to forgiving abuse and betrayal. And uproots shame every step of the way.

  • Why is it that earnest forgivers fall into the cracks of despair after they've chosen to forgive?

  • Why do  believers repeat prayers, re-take classes, and re-read books on the topic of forgiveness?

  • Why do so few Christians ask in church: Why can't I forgive?

What if you knew the answers to these questions? What if the struggle to forgive could be demystified in one simple Bible-based truth? It can.

The Bible depicts five instinctual desires that arise from harm and betrayal. All are natural components of the human psyche. The million dollar question isn't whether or not man should have them, but rather, who's got control--God or the enemy? Wendy's message is the first to compare and contrast how it shakes out when the enemy fulfills these five desires and what happens when Christ takes the lead. 


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Is Your Savior Your Healer?

When children incur physical wounds they want parents to make it better--without touching the wound. Cleansing dirt and grass out of a skinned knee is a painful process, and yet necessary for healing.

Wendy shares a personal story to illustrate how adult children of God share a similar mindset in regards to emotional wounds. Like children, grown-ups want really cool Band-aids. And let's face it, ladies, when our preferred Band-aids are new shoes and Chardonnay, Jesus is more interested in our boo-boos. This heartfelt message helps women to:

  • Understand how they unknowingly abandon self-care and therefore, hinder restoration

  • Recognize and leverage the ordinary circumstances Christ uses to cleanse emotional wounds

  • Grant God sovereignty over their pain by coupling tangible daily steps with supporting Scripture

 *35 minute message for general audiences