Invest in Her Heart

Women healing from abuse and betrayal need resources that speak to their frame of reference. They need time and safe space to process their feelings with a fresh perspective on an age-old topic: forgiveness. Click the heart to make your tax-deductible donation today.

Here's how we invest:

  • Create resources that make sense to a broken heart. Seriously. Wendy Redroad proclaims with passion: Validation is the catalyst to healing and forgiveness.
  • Speak/teach on the topic of forgiveness in women's prison ministries and faith-based organizations with little or no budget for curriculum/teachers.

  • Offer training with a fresh perspective on the topic of forgiveness to ministry staff and volunteers

Here's why:

Wendy Redroad was a chick who could not forgive. Today, against all odds, she is a chick who can! It didn't happen in a single prayer-filled bound or by way of "conventional" teachings/sermons. She wrestled God for medicine her wounded heart could swallow. He gave it up. She kept it down. And from a litany of abuses she will never forget and a love for women's Bible studies, arose How to Forgive What You'll Never Forget: A Bohemian Bible Application for Women in Crisis. 


Here's how you can join Redroad Outreach in empowering women to forgive from their hearts--in accordance with Matthew 18:35:

  • Pray. Please pray. For Redroad Outreach. For the women we're reaching and how they're reaching right back with open hearts and open arms.

  • It's been said, Money Talks.
    You can give your money a voice for abused womenNot like, all your money. Just some of your money. Seriously, no amount is too small to come alongside us on the highways and byways of women's outreach and "compel them to come in, so my house may be filled" (Luke 14:23).