Women healing from traumatic abuse need resources that foster the necessary growth for sustainable transformation. Click the heart  to make your tax-deductible donation today. Your gift sponsors travel expenses and/or teaching sessions in women's outreaches and prisons.



REDROAD OUTREACH: Validate. Comfort. Empower. Restore.

the what

  • Create resources that make sense to a broken heart. Seriously. Wendy Redroad proclaims with passion: Validation is the catalyst to healing and forgiveness.
  • Speak/teach on the topic of forgiveness in women's prison ministries and faith-based organizations that have limited budgets for curriculum/teachers.

  • Offer training with a fresh perspective on the topic of forgiveness to ministry staff and volunteers

the why

Wendy Redroad was a women who could not forgive. Today, against all odds, she is a woman who can! It didn't happen in a single prayer-filled bound or by way of conventional teachings/sermons. She wrestled God for medicine her wounded heart could swallow. He gave it up. She kept it down. And from a litany of abuses she will never forget and a love for women's Bible studies, arose a message that has morphed into some seriously practical curriculum for women who struggle to forgive. 

the wait

Bohemian Forgiveness: An Unconventional Path to Forgiving What You'll Never Forget has morphed into a Bible Study format. Wendy has a literay agent and her book proposal has been submitted to multiple publishing houses. 


the ways you can help

  • Pray. Please pray for the women who are validated and empowered through Wendy's message.

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