Validate. Affirm. Empower. Restore.

Meet Hannah Banana

A faithful Bible study companion,
this Bohemian Blondie
knows how to stay and pray.
In her spare time she loves
to score belly rubs from neighborhood kids
and bask in the sun.

Meet the Chief

          "Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth; yet they have not prevailed against me" (Psalm 129:2).

Wendy Redroad is a free-spirited survivor of abuse and traumatic betrayal. She understands the complexities of healing and forgiveness, and she's on a mission to advocate for adults affected by traumatic events.

Like many survivors, the childhood sexual abuse Wendy endured forged a destructive template for adulthood. Homelessness, a teen pregnancy with a former high school teacher, infidelity, divorce, single motherhood, codependency, and post traumatic stress disorder were the rhythmic constraints in her life. Hurt in church at age fourteen she bid Christianity adieu and vowed never to speak the name Jesus again.

Twenty three years later, she broke her vow of silence. Midway through a year-long commitment to group therapy, she purchased her first women's Bible study. This marked the beginning of countless ten-week studies that often stretched into twenty weeks as she jotted down tough questions, additional Scripture, and witticisms along the sides of every page. A decade later, when her marriage came to an abrupt and brutal end she couldn't help but wonder, Where's the resource for THIS?

Before her conversion to Catholicism in 2017, Wendy's dedication to women's outreach spanned more than a decade, and included group teachings for victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation, survivors of child sexual abuse, alcohol and substance abuse, women's prison, and church retreats.  Her moxie and cheeky sense of humor color the bleakest of circumstances with hope, unexpected laughter, and tangible steps toward healing and forgiveness. In addition to women's outreach, she is a safe environment facilitator, and an affiliate member of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association.

Her message is simple. "God does not minimize the circumstances that break our hearts. We do, when we deny Him access to the pain." Her mission is substantial. "We cannot overcome what we deny." Wendy's communication style is well received in diverse faith communities; Catholic and Protestants, alike.