"Quieting troubled waters is not the same as rescuing drowning people, and smothering conflict is not the same as helping people to forgive each other."

--Lewis B. Smedes


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Mission EDIFY is only sustainable with your support!

      What we need, and why we need it:

  • 25 monthly partnerships of 12.00
  • 25 monthly partnerships of 22.00
  • 25 monthly partnerships of 55.00
  • One-time seed donations
  • Weekly volunteers to provide dinner for 20 children during support group at Valiant Hearts. www.valianthearts.org 
    (The kiddos get excited about pizza. Seriously, every Tuesday . . . pizza!)
  • Weekly prayer intercession. 

     Your monthly partnership provides:

  • supplies for class participants
  • travel reimbursement at the allowable rate for non-profits
  • a part-time salary for program development that includes class facilitation for women's outreach where teaching budgets are limited, or non-existent. 
    (We believe that healing & forgiveness programs should be available to all, regardless of budget restraints.)
    For more information, contact Wendy Redroad.