Validate. Affirm. Empower. Restore.


  • How to Forgive What You'll Never Forget: Discovering Divine Purpose in the Passions

  • Bohemian Forgiveness: Five Unconventional Paths to Forgiving What You'll Never Forget


  • "This class was different from what I expected. It got me out of my comfort zone. I never understood the concept of forgiveness. I was surprised and in awe of how "human" the teaching is." --Patti

  • "I'm a recovering alcoholic. In working the twelve steps, I've learned over the years how to identify my destructive patterns. What I've never understood is how to move forward. This is the first teaching to show me HOW to get from A to B. --Anonymous

  • "In church, I always felt like I was wrong to feel rage. This teaching freed me to express the pain and anger that was bottled up in the deepest places of my heart. It was a real turning point. I was able to release what had been trapped inside for so long. God gave me my voice back. He gave Wendy Redroad a key to open the door for me." --Ronda

  • "The first time I told my Bible study group that I hated my dad for abusing me they prayed God would help me forgive [him]. I wish they'd prayed for me. What I needed was healing in my heart. Validation and comfort. Wendy helped me to understand why I struggled to forgive and helped me move forward." --Laura

  • "Wendy's teaching gave me goose bumps. She tells us it's okay fi we can't forgive today. I was sick of hearing I had to forgive. She is relatable and that's how women like me will get through this. She gets us! She has a gift, and it brings me hope. The church is SO hard on women who struggle to forgive." --Kelly [Global Ministries,

  • As a Catholic, I believed that forgiveness was equal to absolution, but I was not capable of absolving how I felt about my experiences. I felt guilty. I was not taught how to trust God with my emotions or how to discern and talk to Him. I liked how the psychology of the teaching goes hand in hand with the sacraments." --MK

  • "God is not angry or disappointed in me. He is grieving for and with me, and He is angry about what happened to me. We can't always pay forgiveness forward right away. In the beginning, it's about yielding our pain up to Jesus. Eventually, we ar filled enough to give forgiveness away. Wendy reached down into my soul and gave my thoughts and feelings words. " --Faith