Validate. Affirm. Empower. Restore.

"The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue to know the words that sustain the weary" (Isaiah 50:4 NIV).

Dear Pastor, Event Coordinator, Case Worker, Director of Women's Ministry/Outreach,

I don't always understand it myself, but when I speak/teach, with sincere thanks women say, "You get us!" What they rarely understand is what a gift it is to be gotten. The great temptation for survivors of abuse and betrayal is to believe we must live our lives on the outside looking in. We secretly wonder where we fit in. Healing and the capacity to forgive comes when we trust God with the pain until we see our true identities in His eyes and our own. Only then can we walk in the truth that sets us free.

That's a beautiful sentiment. But beautiful sentiments without practical steps do not produce lasting change in the lives of women who seek healing from abuse and betrayal. Daily affirmation does not equal action. My passion is to show women how to prayerfully select tangible steps to desired change, couple those steps with applicable Scripture, and enlist peer and/or professional support.

Questions? Ask away. I will happily tailor my messages to fit the specific needs of your flock.


Wendy Redroad

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